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Courses, workshops and activities.

Classes, courses and workshops run throughout the year in ceramics, glass, recycled glass and glass jewellery.

We run many different types of class/course because every customer is different, with differing requirements:-

(NB. These courses are aimed at adults.  Much to our regret, we cannot accommodate children.)

Regular weekly classes:

These run every week and are paid for in blocks of four. 

Specific project workshops:

These are one off classes that offer the chance to come in and make something such as a coral bowl or a fairy house. These are usually advertised through Facebook.

Bookable Courses:

These may be viewed by clicking the button above for either glass or pottery.

Private & Group Sessions:

Private sessions may also be arranged for individuals or groups. These can range from an hour to several days or evenings, and can be tailored to individual requirements, from fun activities to more serious learning. 

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